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Replacement for TOSHIBA VX/670LS, Satellite M110-ST1161, Satellite Pro A100, Satellite Pro M50, TOSHIBA Dynabook, Equium, Satellite A100, Satellite A105-S4000, Satellite A80, Satellite M100, Satellite M100-ST5000, Satellite M105-S3000, Satellite M105, Satellite M115-S3000, Satellite M40, Satellite M45, Satellite M50, Satellite M55, Tecra A3, Tecra A4, Tecra A5, Tecra A6, Tecra A7, Tecra S2 Series Laptop Battery
Replacement for TOSHIBA VX/670LS, Satellite M110-ST1161, Satellite Pro A100, Satellite Pro M50,...
[PA3399U-1BAS, PA3399U-1BRS, PA3399U-2BAS, PA3399U-2BRS, PABAS057, PABAS076]
inc. VAT 
Replacement for TOSHIBA Qosmio X500-10T, Qosmio X500-10X, Qosmio X505-Q830, Qosmio X505-Q832, Qosmio X505-Q850, Qosmio X505-Q860, Qosmio X505-Q870, Qosmio X505-Q880, Satellite P500, Satellite P500-01C, Satellite P500-01R, Satellite P500-024, Satellite P500-025, Satellite P500-026, Satellite P500-ST5801, Satellite P500-ST6821, TOSHIBA Satellite P505, P505D Series Laptop Battery
Replacement for TOSHIBA Qosmio X500-10T, Qosmio X500-10X, Qosmio X505-Q830, Qosmio X505-Q832,...
[PA3729U-1BAS, PA3729U-1BRS, PA3730U-1BAS, PA3730U-1BRS]
inc. VAT 
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Wednesday 08 October, 2003
  Power Tools Batteries
Replacement for RYOBI BID1821, P620, RFL180M, RYOBI C, O, P, 18V ONE PLUS Series Power Tools Battery
inc. VAT
New, 1 year warranty!
Replacement for RYOBI BID1821, P620, RFL180M, RYOBI C, O, P, 18V ONE PLUS Series Power Tools Battery
Product Information
Product ID: UK.GB.12355TRY051.86D
Compatible Part Numbers:
BPL-1815, BPL-1820G, BPL18151, BPL1820, P102, P103, P104, P107, P108, RB18, RB18L13, RB18L15, RB18L25, RB18L40

Battery Type: Lithium-ion (Li-ion)
Voltage: 18.00V
Capacity: 4000mAh
Color: Black
Dimension: 135.5085.60107.50 mm
Product Type: Replacement Battery (Brand New)
Rate: 72.00 Wh
Remarks: Compatible with Roybi 18V ONE PLUS Series.
Weight: 645.00 g
Inventory: Out of Stock
Please ensure the product(s) that you are going to buy fits the brand, model, part number and dimension (mentioned above) of your device.

Product Description:   

    Ryobi BID-1801M,
    Ryobi BID-180L,
    Ryobi BID1821,
    Ryobi BIW180,
    Ryobi CDL1802P4,
    Ryobi BIW180M,
    Ryobi CDR180M,
    Ryobi OHT 1855R,
    Ryobi P620,
    Ryobi R18ALF-0,
    Ryobi R18I-0,
    Ryobi R18SDS-0,
    Ryobi RAD1801M,
    Ryobi RFL180M,
    Ryobi RMT1801M

    Ryobi C Series
        CAD-180L, CAG-180M, CAP-1801M, CCC-1801M,
        CCC-180L, CCD-1801, CCG-1801M, CCG-180L,
        CCS-1801/DM, CCS-1801/LM, CCS-1801D, CCS-1801LM,
        CCW-180L, CDA-18021B, CDA1802, CDA18021B,
        CDA18022B, CDA1802M, CDC-181M, CDI-1802,
        CDI-1802M, CDI-1803, CDI-1803M, CFA-180M,
        CFP-180FM, CFP-180S, CFP-180SM, CHD-1801M,
        CHI-1802M, CHP-1802M, CHV-180L, CHV-18WDM,
        CID-1802M, CID-1803L, CID-1803M, CID-182L,
        CID-183L, CJS-180L, CJS-180LM, CJSP-1801QEOM,
        CJSP-180QEO, CJSP-180QEOM, CMD-1802, CMD-1802M,
        CMI-1802, CMI-1802M, CML-180M, CNS-1801M,
        CNS-180L, CP-180M, CPD-1800, CPL-180M,
        CRA-180M, CRH1801, CRO-180M, CRP-1801,
        CRP-1801/DM, CRP-1801D, CRS 1803, CRS-180L,
        CSL-180L, CSS-1801M, CSS-180L, CST-180M,
        CTR-180L, CW-1800

    Ryobi L Series 
        LCD1802, LCD18021B, LCD18022B, LCD1802M,
        LCS-180, LDD-1802, LDD-1802PB, LDD1801PB,
        LDD1802PB, LFP-1802S, LRS-180

    Ryobi O Series
        OBL-1801, OCS-1840, OGS-1820, OHT-1850,
        OLT-1830, OPS-1820, ORS-1801, OWD-1801M

    Ryobi P Series
        P200, P2000, P2002, P201, P203, P204,
        P206, P2060, P210, P2100, P2102,
        P2105, P211, P220, P221, P230, P234G,
        P236, P240, P2400, P241, P250,
        P2500, P2600, P2603, P271, P300, P301,
        P310, P3200, P3300, P3310, P340, P400,
        P410, P420, P430, P500, P501, P510,
        P520, P521, P522, P530, P540, P570,
        P600, P610, P631K, P650, P700, P701G,
        P703, P710, P711, P715, P716, P730,
        P731, P740, P741, P780, P813, P835

    Ryobi 18V ONE PLUS Series
        P208B, P236A, P246,P506, P514, P704

** The brand names/trademarks/trade names specified are registered properties of their respective owners.
If you need a part for your model that is not listed above, please email us at or call our Tel: 01772 454688

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